Also: Seven reasons why you might not want/need remote UI rendering

  • Are we already doing micro-frontends? We’ve been…

A bluffing word game. It’s Liar’s Dice, played with Boggle letter dice.

Google’s new “Speed Update” search ranking factor is too little, too late

Technical explanations allow candidates to demonstrate their technical skills and social skills at the same time

IFrames cause all of AMP’s problems, but they provide unbeatable performance. Fixing this is hard, but possible.

I’m afraid you’ll have to learn the entire Service Worker API along the way.

Service Workers are like apps. You can’t safely upgrade an app while it’s still running.

  • By default, users have to close all tabs to a site in order to update a Service Worker. The Refresh button is not enough.
  • If you make a mistake here, users will see an outdated version of your site…

Dan Fabulich

Dan Fabulich is a Principal Engineer at Redfin. We’re hiring!

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